After leaving my bloging activity on hold for a long time due to some personal issues, it’s time for a break and some changes. First one is less talk-more photos, because thats what it do 🙂 Second change is new category named “Photo of the day” which will be (hopefuly) updated on daily basis. Photos which i do on duty will take place there. Some of them will be special, some of them boring, some worth saving, some worth deleting 🙂  But i promise i will continue to do my best to keep this blog worth watching.

To fill the gap i’m publishing two recent i snaped,but first – today’s one.

Portrait of a Jožef Močnik before a concert, conductor of a male choir which celebrated 50th anniversary and published album with their songs on it. (21.03.2010, Cerklje)

Portrait of Johan Remen Evensen while flying in mid air at Planica ski flying world championship 2010. This year’s winner in individual competition is Simon Ammann (Switzerland). (20.03.2010, Planica)

After searching for bomb in shopping mall, policeman interacts with a golden retriever which was sent in to sniff out the explosive materials. Bomb threat was reported to the police by the phone. There were at least two criminal incidents involving explosion of hand grenade in Kranj in a year 2009. ( 16.03.2010, Kranj)

You can find rest of them here on my Facebook album .

Untill next job, have a good time.



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