(POD) Counselling a bit too late

I made this photo of the day last night. Usually i don’t want to post this kind of pictures. But this one has a interesting story behind it and i find photography has quite strong meaning in it.

It was cold night, almost early morning after a looong and good party in Kranj. Me and my sister were hungry so we took a walk to the place where kebab is sold. It’s situated next to Kranj’s main bus station, on the ground level of some skyscraper.  I was calm and tired of partying, waiting for my kebab to be made,thinking where to get a ride home,tired of carrying my photo backpack on my shoulders like i always do…when i heard some flat bang .

Some people rushed there to see what happened, but first it didn’t look serious when they came back saying “fuck man..i think there’s a human body lying on the ground”!!!

My kebab was already made, so i started eating it.  I waited for a moment, then i took camera from backpack, because i was the guy for emergency phots that night. That includes taking photos of any traffic accidents, natural disasters, crimes…whatever  ugly thing happens you have to go and capture it. But i kind of love adrenaline rushing inside me when i get emergency call.

First, i didn’t belived them, but then i saw a shocked face of a man, who was standinng really close to the point and an incoming ambulance lights illuminating the place. They stoped about 10 meters away, and i went there to see what the hell is going on in detalis. Well, there it was…poor soul who jumped off the building – lying withouth a move on a cold ground. I took some shots for newspaper. Offices of newspaper house is ironic about 5 meters from the impact.

Then i made this one.

I was standing behind ambulance van, door to the newspaper house on my right..i could see two rescueres in a reflective window, with their faces hidden with some adviserment sticker on a window and body of a human who killed himself in between. There is also big writing on glass, saying SVETOVANJE (meaning COUNSELLING) and dead body underneath. Quite irony and symbolism i found in that.

I recommend a larger view.

Lesson learned from this story, for me is that we should cheris any moment you have on this planet, nothing is impossible, and every problem has it’s solution. Because it’s really difficult to cope with the second you live, and next one you’re lying breathless on the ground.

Think about it, and forget about hate. Spread love.


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