Raging students protest

On 19. 05. about 10.000 students disagreeing with new reform by Slovenian goverment, gathered in Ljubljana. The plan is to lower the maximum limit of income for working students.

First gathering started at abou 1pm, at Prešernov trg, and then demonstrations continued to the street in front of a parliamental building. Infrastructure was protected by riot police forces and fence corridor was set for it’s protection. Angry with current situation in Slovenian politics, protesters,chanting anti-goverment stating, first started to engage police forces. Some of them later threw rocks, eggs and bottles, even molotov was thrown at the windows of parliamental bulding, and targeted policemen. They dispersed attackers with some pepper spray.  Last of the protesters were keeping up until 7pm.

full view recommended

“Policemen protecting parliamental bulding, comfronting a rageous protesters”

“Flying glass bottle thrown by some protester, aimed at policemen. Students didn’t choose their objects to throw, they grabed anything close to the hand”

“Young protester is deflected back to the crowd by a punch with a police shield. Many of students engaged police forces with spitting, and throwing random objects they picked up.”

“Stickers saying “Grandma, will you lend me a working pass?” are poped to the shileds”

“Policeman observes flaming bush wich was set on fire by molotov”

“Guard stands in front of the enterance to the parliament building. Windows and statues are damaged with stones.”

“Angry protester throws a granite brick, which he pulled from the ground, and throws it in the building”

“Demonstrations involved much engagments of police forces and rioters. Some of students rebeliously attacks steel fence which was set for protection, and trying to hit policeman standing behind”

“Last flames rise up from the trash bin set on fire, and parliamental building in the background, protected by riot police”

“Police officer lends a hand to the girl who fell on the ground and was controlled by a police dog, still holding her leg”

“Couple kisses and showes some love to neutralize all the agressive mood in the air”

“Police reinforcmentes are dispached in line, to protect the area after protest was finished”

“Worker cleans up damaged and dirty statues, while the glass on the enterance door to parliament, below, remains broken.”



  1. Excelent photos, really good job!

  2. Najbolsa fotoreportaza v Sloveniji!


  3. Luka

    nice photos, but try using google translator 🙂

  4. Rocky

    Možakar, super fotke, angleščino imaš pa ogabno. Drži se slovenščine

    • unknown

      angleščina je bla za moje pojme (čeprav tipa sploh ne poznam), dovolj razumljiva in čist fajn napisana.
      me zanima, kak bi ti napisu …

  5. Whatever

    Whatever. I think the foto with “Last Minute Center” is apropos. Basically, this is a bunch of kids who go to university for free after getting admitted following a joke board examination, receive payment for sinecures, live in a relatively wealthy country for the Balkans (better lifestyle that Italy), go home every weekend to mommy, and expect to be on the studentski bon until they are 30.

    The organizers of the protest are professional students who take 15million EUR a year from the tax on student wages to support their “Student Union.” Someone should audit those creeps. Most of the kids who were at the protest were high school age who had skipped because they were given the option to go to the protest (and rock concert/beer bash) or go to school.

    Yeah, “Last Minute Center” travel agency sign is important. All that mala dela money goes to those summer trips to Korčula and Hvar. Grow up, Slovenian youth.

  6. Hude fotke, kot je to pri tebi že standard. Še posebej dobra je #8.


  7. Splačalo se je vztrajat.. 🙂

    Hude fotke, čestitke!

  8. Ralph

    Super fotke, ujete v pravem trenutku.
    Upam da nisi kaj pokasiral (kolega, prav tako fotograf, se je malo pritozil nad solzivcem)

  9. marko

    tukaj je nekaj res odlično ujetih trenutkov

  10. ha, ha, odlične! Najjača mi je last minute center, ha, ha to je jače od granita u glavo, ha ha

  11. kva nej rečem… kr pof***l bi te!! 😀

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