Revolution time!

My personal fauvorite slovenian band, was performing in Križanke (Ljubljana), on last day of May. Many of different generations were gathered and also got shook by Niet again, like old explosive punk dogs always do their job, by blowing the crowd up! Niet also presented their LP collectors edition of Trinajst, new album which they released on  April 13th.

Mixed with emotions, rebelious fists were swinging high in the air, boots stomping the ground below, and in the middle, always free and unchained hearts beat. Niet was acompanied by brilliant slovenian singer Severa Gjurin, their producer Borut Činč, and choir of children for back vocals on Živalska farma song. Niet was kicking us through the road which included songs about love for girl, drugs, freedom and (un)wanted captivity in yourself. But emotions broke free at the very start and held it that way to the end.

I only missed more agresivnes, that harsh, and rude vibe in the sound. Performance regarding instrumentalists was quite studio-like,somehow little “flat”  and not so rough as i excpected.

“Niet, holding the LP version of the Trinajst recordings”

“Severa Gjurin as a guest vocalist in Beli prah, being introduced by Borut Marolt lead singer of Niet”

“Borut high-fives singers included in Živalska farma song”

“Let the music shine into me…”

” get me high on beats..”

“…and the melody.”

“Aleš gets his first cherry this year, recieved from fan while band members were signing posters, albums, shirts and other merchandise.”

More photos here



  1. julijan

    jp, dobr si pofotku.
    keep up the good work!

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