El comandante loco

I’m writing this while first rays of summer sun are pushing to light up the night and to prepare this fresh morning . I hope it will stretch to another beautiful day full of good energy like day before. I met with friend just to have a coffee together, David Bole and he later accompanied me in taking some photos of writer, reporter, owner of a rabbit which can see into the future, and most important, friend of mine – Jaka Tomc. He is soon going to publish his book about manic depression, and we needed some photos for front page and other stuff. I will publish them later on…

Whole action was taken at KoTV studio, where Andrej Podbevšek, good friend and even better person arranged us a place. With a team like that, it was all just a piece of a cake. Very entertaining and relaxed one 🙂

For start, here are some photos where Jaka takes a role of a crazy Cuban commander (i assume :))

Again, thank  you all for a great relaxed evening.



  1. Thank you Desperado … you are as brave with a camera as you are brave in combat …

  2. n.

    Lušne so … ta zadnja je pa sploh über. 🙂 Keep up the good work, fo sho! XD

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