(POD) The Freedom

One of the many photos from covering a rehabilitation process of Palestinian children at rehabilitation center Soča.

Ten innocent children of age from 9 to 17, all victims of Palestinian-Israel war actions were taken good care of at hospital, they recieved protheses they needed and shared many unforgetable and emotional moments with caring staff of the hospital.

Fadi Al Arir (sitting on a wheelchair, 13 years) lost his leg due to lack of medications and unefficient first aid assistance.

Raad Asfur (running behind, 12 years) has nerve damage on his left hand and lost 2 fingers.

Abdalah Al Samuni (running along, 9 years) is partially paralysed from the missile attack on house of his family. Attack carried by Israeli army is known also as massacre of Al Samuni family. Abdalah lost his family members, there were 29 casualties. He stored his toys he got in Slovenia in a tent, where he lives now with his father.

It was an honor to meet all of them and to work with such a noble team of ITF (International Trust Fund for demining and mine victims assistance) and a great journalist, and even better person Erik Valenčič.

Whole photoreport with the children’s stories is coming soon.


One comment

  1. suzana

    Res sem ostala brez besed…
    Najbolj pa me veseli predvsem to, da je bila zgodba in celotna situacija otrok iz Gaze slišana in predstavljena malo bolj podrobno. Sama sem te otroke v Soči tudi srečala in imela priložnost z njimi kot fizioterapevtka tudi delat. Bila sem res presenečena koliko volje in veselja imajo ti otroci, kjub temu, da prihajajo s tako krutimi zgodbami in usodami k nam.
    Še enkrat vse pohvale 🙂

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