I’m a Slovenian

Ej keš pičke neki mam za vs…aja ne ne, tale je za vse hlapčke, ki so jih mesta, ulice, gostilne, klubi, razdrti domovi, prepolni.


I’ll give you my money,

You give me a cage,

protecting myself from gift that’s called rage.


I bow down to all my desires.

Desires, desires deserved, my head on a dollar is better than served.


Sleeping awake,

do not miss a chance for all I can take.


Not to live, only to exist,

turning other cheek to recieve another fist.

Eating the shit of white collar bosses,

robbed of free will I seek shelter in crosses.


Like occupation of Gaza, occupation of my mind

there ain’t no intifada for my slavery kind.

Freedom and beauty – all of mine fake,

it’s not what I give- it’s what I can take.


On every step – compliant as dog,

I’m praising my uniqueness but I’m a fucking stock.


Hoping and dreaming of tomorrow’s revolt,

shit I forgot, my dreams, all I have sold.


Bought a steel knife in a neighbour’s shop,

just to stab him in the back, cause he’s got a better job.

People are mean,people are damned,

but I’ll draw smile on my face and call you a friend.


Someday I will break out of the cage,

free my mind and collect all the scalps

when I finish I will smile in your eyes:

Welcome to the sunny side of the Alps





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