Second look (1): Ambassador

Thinking, about the endless sea of photos and information that is flooding our daily life, i’ve started to wonder about what are we really seeing when looking at photo in magazine,newspaper,internet,TV,exhibition…

And while I was thinking how to improve my skills, and I do not doubt that other young photographers strive to do their job best they can , I asked myself – What do I actually present in the picture. What does the public, the viewer, the editor see on photo, and what does one get out of it? This questions were sparkling in my mind for a long time. So this is the reason for new category on my blog.

A little deeper analysis of the photo. Emotional, graphical, compositional, what message does it present, or how could viewer interpret it.

I selected first photo for this “experiment” a picture i have on a back of my mind from a second i took it. It’s not really special, but somehow it’s constantly somewhere there.

I made this photo in AbuGrabi area, south of Beith Hanoun in Gaza strip when i was researching improvised factories for recycling stone blocks. Suddenly there was a tent which looked nothing more like few blankets thrown over a wooden sticks. I peaked in…








Old man, probably gone through lot of difficult things, sits on his blanket, with disease that struck his eyes. His world is in a best way like this picture, black and white.

His face, which is area most illuminated by natural light, and his eyes begging for something could tell us together with his hand tired, resting on his knee, that he is reaching to something/someone higher than himself. In literal way and in figurative sense.

You can hardly tell what is he doing in this tent, but closer look gives us a detailed explanation. As you see cat, resting behind his back, sitting on a comfortably folded blanket where maybe this old man likes to sleep to.

This could be his resting place, like a bedroom. The cat like pretentious animal as it is, its hidding in a shadow and chicken – representing fear and also food safely chilling in the basket you can see he is not alone. This photo could be taken on his second place to live. But regarding the equipment seen in the tent you could guess that he must spend a lot if not all time inside the tent. So this is probably his primary living space.

On right side of picture there are some plates, definetly used for a long time. On the left side of a picture is cooking device. The plates are empty, clean from food and cooking device is turned off. Is that because he has no food – according his reaching hand he has little of it. He is hungry. If he wants to eat he should cook some food and eat it on a plates he have. He has this equipment. He has a chicken to eat, but he would be left only with a cat then. And then he would get hungry again.

What prevents him to get fed up? He is positioned in center, between all those elements. His existance is preventing him to eat his friend. Afterall he is a human being, with feelings, memories, concience, history and future.

This human, old man, being beaten by conditions in occupied Gaza strip is ambassador. Representative. Representative of humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Ambasador of hope, humanity, struggle to survive and loyality.




I would be happy to recieve your interpretation, what you see, what you think, what you feel, of the photos published in this category as i will try to continue it from now on.


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