15O-Occupy Ljubljana (day3)

As the “battle” against corrupted capitalism finished, “war” is still in progress. The participants of 15O-Occupy Ljubljana movement, settled down at square in front of the stock exchange building in Ljubljana on Saturday, 15th.

At evening they set up their tents, about 7 of them were risen up when sun went down. Despite cold weahter forecast, around 0°C in the morning and evening hours, for some occupiers, for others liberators, maintain their establishment in front of the stock exchange buliding. Brokers and other employees, were not yet confronted by protesters, as they entered the building by the side enterance. During the daytime, meetings are held to debate future plans of movement, some workshops take places – about social topics, such as finding a job, about giving up addictions, etc. . The protesters did surprise main Slovenian public, more tents were set up (about 15 now) as many slovenians are not used seeing such strong will and commitement to stand for an idea. The battle against corruptive capitalism still continues, if protesters are warriors, then this occupation of a square is a “war cry”, getting louder by each day of persistence.


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