15O-Occupy Ljubljana (day5)

Sky above occupied square in front of a stock exchange is getting cloudy, but things are getting clearer by every day of occupation of Ljubljana. The “war cry” of the participants is louder and it’s echoes through the media, and hopefuly through the ears of people who, should get the message and act in a way. Way which is obligatory, for one to remain status of human being with concience, reasonable mind and responsibility.

Today was the first rainy day, but surpisingly more tents arose at the square. Two army tents were delivered and are now in use. One as a press center, the other one as a place for food supply, where participants of a movement, (also bypassers are warmly welcomed) are served various food and drinks. Also an improvised cinema is present.

“As the fifth day of occupation is rolling to it’s end, despite light rain, more tents are present, also improvised cinema was put up at the square.”

“Meeting about discussing future daily plans is held in an alley protected by roof, as rain starts to fall.”

“”Reflection of interior of a shoe shop, with an employee behind the counter, counting daily income, is visible in the shopping window. Outside the supporters of “15O Global change – occupy ljubljana” are attending an evening meeting.”

“Participant of the evening meeting, taking notes about future actions of the movement at stock exchange square occupation.”

“One of the army tents is used to shelter the food supply centre, where participants of the protest are able to get free food and refreshing drinks.”

“One of the participants is distracted while helping herself with free food – “bograč””.

“The particpant lighning up the darkness in the food supply center tent, in order to have a dinner.”

“Other one of the two army tents provides shelter for technologic equipment, as the tent is used as an improvised press centre, which is vital to maintain free flow of information to the media and also to a livestream applications.”

“One of the protesters at the square wearing a make-up and a wig, masking him into visual similarity the Guy Fawkes character.”

“As cold is getting intesive at evening hours, the participants cope with  it by distracting themselves with watching improvised cinema films and physicaly warming up.”


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  1. … naj čuvajo svoje zdravje …

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