Cairo – The blur of Tahrir

It was one of those rare shits, that takes more than five minutes. When you sit down on a toilet and you just exist. When the sounds around you just don’t wake up your mind and you just dream. As my head was supported by my arm, the image of tiles on the ground got blury as current  political situation is right now in Egypt. It was just my imagination, which turned a small orange pattern painted on one of the tiles, into the image we were served after 25th of January. The massive crowd, at the stronghold of Arab revolution. El Tahrir.

As one year’s mark of  revolution in Egypt is few hours away, a numerous rumors and predictions still go around on a streets. Some people claim there will be just anniversary, celebration or even carneval, but others, including 6of April movement, who did not forget about 850 demonstrators who got killed and beaten activists say they will not take a single step away from their demands.


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