Cairo – Belly of the beast

“Man, bring my cap and some clothes it’s getting cold, and give me a ring when you’ll be there” It was Andrew McConnell, calling me from the rooftop of one of the buildings surrounding Tahrir square. “Yeah i sure will, but it’s gonna take some time for me to get there, the streets are crowded,see you man!”

When i managed to get to the enterance of the bulding i tried to call him, so he would send a guy down, and unlock the door. No way, no signal due to overcrowding of the place. It was chaos!  “Shit! What should i do now?!!” For a minute i stood there, at the enterance of a building, next to a steel frame door, facing tens of thousands of people chanting and yelling in Tahrir square. It was about 5 o’clock. After i watched people trying to convince the youngsters which were guarding the gates, i saw they’re letting some press people inside. So i told them “Sahafi sahafi” and showed them a press card and they let me in.

First i was happy as i saw how that private flat, was turned to improvised press centre and the staff there was really helpful. But i had to meet Andrew. “Is there any stairs leading to the roof than the one i came through?” “Yes, just a second,i will show you way to the roof”. Some middle-aged kind lady led me to the roof.

The roof spot was actually expensive place to stay, but the look on Tahrir square is worth it. About 25 ,30 meters high There was one TV crew on the roof, but i couldn’t see Andy. Well of course not, he climbed on a wall which was meant to be the edge of the roof, about 2,5m high. Then with really happy feeling i met him, and thought to myself;  “Andy wtf, you crazy bastard!”  He was sitting on this thin,50 cm wide ledge, on left side, there was 2,5 m of height to the floor of the roof, on the right side, about 25m to the ground. And he was totally not giving a fuck about anything in the whole world, except his work. He was, as he would be photographing some cats or bees on flowers and stuff like that. But actually,the whole scene could be compared to the huge hive. It was few minutes to seven. Sun already set down, the orange street lights were shining and i had chills over my body definetly for more than 10 minutes. Adrenaline overflow!

“Andrew, as he sits down while crowds below gather on anniversary of beginning of the Egyptian revolution”

To be a witness to such an amazing event, with hundreds of thousands of people gathered and connected together by loud chants, yelling their demands to transfer the ruling power of SCAF to the civilian ruling body, to free the imprisioned activists, trials for the suspected killers of the revolution martyrs and social economic saftey.

Yet the opportunity for a shot was missed. The moment to pull the trigger and to lead people onwards with maximum power was during the day.

As the time i’m writin this, things got calm. In Tahrir square. In people’s hearts? Who knows.


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