Funky monk of Notre Dame

Under the bridg…wait…under the shower is where i was thinking; how should i even start a new post on blog after so much time has passed.

Last time i made an update, was in Cairo, Egypt on Tahrir square, while covering anniversary of revolution in Egypt. From there i went to Gaza strip, where i continued my work from previous visits. Latest photoreportage i made there – about refugees living in camps where humanitarian crisis is part of daily life. In February there was almost no electricity. Total darkness. Photoreport was later awarded by Yuri Kozyrev and other members of international jury for being the best photostory of Slovenian Press Photo in year 2012. I will return there as soon as possible.But issues about Gaza deserve their own discussion.

So the spring ended, and summer is already here. By calculations, i would bet my head this summer drained the last bits of my reasonable mind i had. If i ever had any 🙂 Journey through summer started by visiting numerous music festivals, which lasted on average for 3 days. First there was Rock Otočec, later ŠVIC festival, Schengen, Metal Camp, Punk Rock Holiday…. Every one of them had it’s special charm, something that left me-afterwards it finished-with a feeling similar to returning home from battle at any frontline. Which we lost definetly. Otherwise none of my friends and me, wouldn’t be so fucked up.

Well,speaking of „me and my friends“…

For a while i left this blog alone, as there were so many things going on, and i slept only about 5-6 hours per day (sometimes even per night), on average this summer. That’s the main reason i didn’t keep it up do date. I was waiting for some „big thing“ to happen, something i really should publish. And now here it is. Actually-it happened (while writing this) 5 hours ago. It was a concert of my fauvorite band. Red Hot Chili Peppers. You guessed it-of course i was there. For 10 years, one of bigest wishes in life, was to have a photo of Flea (bass player) hanging on a wall in my room. Photo i should make. Two times, i had big chance to do it-but i guess it was not my time yet. Tonight i made it 🙂 !

Without a press accreditation which you need, in order carry a professional equipment on a concert. But anything can be done with a lot of improvisation and foxy thoughts. Concert was being held in Zagreb, 2 hours ride from my home. So i had to do it. Or die drunk trying. To put a long story short : there was a lot of luck on my side. (Thank you karma). While security guys at the enterance were checking all backpacks, some of them, even demanded that visitors leave them there at the trash bins. Thank god for lazy people, as this security guy checked me really sloppy. I support lazy people. But when i handled him a backpack, he said „go on“.. Which means : I’M IN!! I’M IN FUCKERS!!! WITH 7D AND 70-200mm LENS STILL HANGING FROM MY NECK AND BACK ,MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A FUCKING HUNCHBACK OF NOTREDAME AND NO ONE EVEN NOTICED!! It was just a matter of time then, to take rush even Joan of arc would be proud of. Charging into first 10 lines somewhere in a crowd, while i was getting totally high on music i always appreciated, loved and consumed beyond infinity, deeply into my life. Thank you for it.

So here they are. Red, Hot, Chili Pepeeeeeers. (shit i miss John Frusciante)

some more photos could be found here


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