GAZA 4 – From cradle to the grave in 24 hours

It all started with a funeral.

“Oh shit, but I don’t have the telephoto lens with me” I said to dr.Mohamed and Abu Yousef, when we were driving uphill, to one of the highest points in Gaza. “Teglegesh (don’t worry)” they replied, “the view is really beautiful even without that lens”. Truth is, I really didn’t need that lens since long time, and today was also a day to be close.

After we took some photos up on the hill, observing Gaza city some children came to see us. It was short conversation, then the we took a road way back to my place-Beit Hanoun. Not more than 2 minutes after they dropped me, I received a call from dr.Mohamed. “Man! Hurry up! There’s a bombing in Gaza”. While adrenaline rushed over me, I just took all memory cards I had on sight and ran back to the ambulance already making a signals to clear the road. On the way to Shifa hospital, mixed with a sound of honking and chaotic sounds from the streets, the speaker’s voice was describing the situation. After the militants mined the Israeli jeeps, Israeli forces replied back with targeting a group of people who attended a funeral ceremony. The tank shot at the group, killing 4 people and injuring at least 25.

With amazing driving skills, Abu Yousef, also professional ambulance driver, we reached Shifa hospital in a matter of minutes. There, the chaotic sights began to draw. Crowd of people gathered at the entrance, at least hundred shouting on the officers, as they had their relatives and family members in emergency room, wounded-or dead, on the other side of the door. On the other hand, about 30 nervous policemen, trying to enable the doctors to make a triage and do their work efficiently. Side role was given to the journalists, swinging their cameras around like crazy, just to get the shots for the evening news. Combined all together it was a chaos. Soon, international team of doctors arrived to support the medical crew in hospital. One could not tell which was more chaotic place, outside where people were worried about their families and desperate to see them maybe for last time, or inside journalists arguing with security officers to let them to the victims.

With help of my friends, I got inside before the journalists and took some careful shots not to disturb anyone doing his job. Floor was slippery due to water and soap which they used to clean the blood away. Shouts of desperation and sadness echoed through the hall, as I was passing the surgery rooms. There were news coming about the deaths. As soon as I did my job, the cigarette I lit outside of the hospital, was one of the best ones ever. Smoke separated me from all this inhuman situation, at least for a minute.

The pain I felt in my neck, my head, my feet, quickly disappeared, as I realised that today, many people feel the heaviest pain inside their hearts.

After coming home, together with my bro we recorded some rocket launches from militants and after 2 cigarettes, already Israeli Apache helicopters came to star up the night. Tomorrow, there will be funerals.


Until then, you are invited to watch the video.:




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