CAIRO 5 – Tahrir grasping it’s revolution

I returned from Gaza strip while it was still heavily bombed back to Egypt, Cairo, just before the ceasefire was officially confirmed between Hamas and Israel. I guess my lucky star is still shining after all of events, and soon clashes started to emerge here close to the Tahrir Square area.

First it was on anniversary of events on Mohamed Mahmoud street. It is unclear exactly how many protesters were killed last year during the clashes, but most reports from the Zeinhom morgue, where the bodies were taken, point towards at least 90. The Ministry of Health reported the death toll at 41. Amnesty International acquired a document claiming 51 people were killed.

Anniversary of the street war was on 19th of November, since then, clashes between riot police and protesters still continue around the area on the streets. Protesters mainly oppose Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, as he declared a supreme power and authority over any laws. People, mostly youth is afraid of losing the revolution, and they are protecting it firmly. With stones, fists, fire and if needed sometimes also their lives. Yet ussualy, in a street full of tear gas and shooting it’s hard to maintain a focused mind. But it wakes you up more than coffee or any energy drink combined. And it gets crazy. Together with reports and rumors  that police will use live ammo if it could not “control” the situation.

But as it’s known to me – Some may never live…

…but the crazy never die.

You’re also invited to watch a multimedia piece I produced

(photos&video from the clashes)


  1. Tretja fotka je top.
    Multimedija je pa Super.

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