Together 2013 -Karavanke car crash rescue simulation

It’s been a while since I pressed a button “new post”. Much of a crazy stuff has happened since then, which is impossible to fit in a few sentences, mostly it’s connected with my work which I’m trying to take a level or two up.

In mid of summer, I’ve received a phone call, which made me run of joy on the street in my underwear. It was from Patrick Llewellyn, editor in Reportage by Getty Images, telling me my work from Gaza was awarded for Emerging Talent award and I’m selected to join the agency for 1 year. After some days, which are left in haze due to celebrating the call, I’ve started to plan the trip to Perpignan – Visa Pour L’Image festival. With my “brilliant” organisation skills, normally-I’ve arrange myself a ride to France only few days before the festival in beginning of September.

Most of the people I’ve met there were inspiring beyond words! It was the best school and education for me in my whole life, said so, ’till Perpignan, I never saw a classroom with bottles of fine wine and packs of cigarettes on the table. The classrom is called Cafe La Post. With guys like Patrick Di Nola, Patrick Llewellyn, Toby Smith, Jerome Delay, Joao Silva,Guliano Koren (hi papa!) Matteo Bastianelli, my Slovenian friend Ciril Jazbec and countless other knights and cowboys belonging to this tight pack, some alcoholics with journalism problems which makes the perfect company, the experience is unforgettable. A sense of family, despite tough competition on the market, most of guys are covering each other’s back.

Though I have to mention some joker and a fraud full of himself, who was just shouting “I just came from Syria, where are you from?”. Same guy appeared on the closing party of Visa, and approached us saying “Man what the fuck is in the bar, they tried to charge me two times for one beer” I couldn’t hold myself back as I replied,“Of course man, you even wonder? Jesus I would do the same as you’re flashing this expensive Leica, just to get noticed you’re a photographer!”. My guess is that kind of people just shadow their work with their ego, and probably won’t last long.

Anyway, here’s the reason why I posted this blog.

On 8th of October, a big simulation of a car crash in Karavanke tunnel took place. A two lane tunnel, 7.864 meters long and it’s connecting Slovenia and Austria. Imagine a fire starting due to accident, it means a lot of dangerous smoke, monoxide suffocation risks, etc… On average about 7500 vehicles pass through it daily, now with a shameful Slovenian driving culture, the chances of accidents I assume are high. The practice of rescue mission involved cooperation of Slovenian and Austrian teams of firefighters, medical teams, police and all other emergency response units. Scenario of accident is as following: About 30-50 cars are jammed due to accident with critical condition injuries and with 80-120 people being trapped in the tunnel as well. About 460 participants took role in the simulation which will provide exposure to things that need improving in this kind of real situations and similar scenarios. With experience I have on Slovenian resuce and emergency response units, I think there will not be so many, as they are outstanding professionals which have amazingly short and efficient response time.

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3190 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3192 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3196 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3201 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3234 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3252 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3302 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3305 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3307 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3327 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3332 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3339 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3345 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3349 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3372 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3386 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3400 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3405 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3419 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3420 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3436 copy

20131008_photo_matic_zorman_3454 copy

Here are some links to check out:

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