I witnessed first human exploration of a new planet.

How I witnessed first human exploration of a new planet.

Allright, I have to admit-i lied a bit about new planet. But the actual story includes a flow of adrenaline as well. The second I sat down in my room after most of my regular evening work was done, I heard a lot of sirens rushing nearby. That’s the shit I have to be in, I said to myself like some vulture would, so I grabbed my camera and lens, cigarette box and started a car. 20 seconds have passed and I was already  trying to follow the sound of a sirens, a thing a bit difficult to do in my old car which is as noisy as ill camel having sexual intercourse with a hedgehog (now please don’t imagine this). Fortunately I found the place and the developing story.

A fire broke out on a steep field bordering a forest on the hill of altitude about 800 meters above sea level. To add drama a bit, the place was unreachable with any firetruck except 2 offroad jeeps due to the muddy road, so I decided to run with some of the firefighters uphill to reach the place on foot (thank you my lungs for not giving up on me). Imagine Camel Trophy or Dakar rally,  firefighters competing with time to extinguish a fire. In pitch black night conditions. The full moon was obscured by clouds, only silhuettes of trees gave a horrifying welcome, mixed with PMR (personal mobile radio) stations chatter about the situation on the field. At the hot spot, there was no actual fire but a schorched grass still hot and black. Black was everywhere around. Some firefighters were checking the hill slope area with thermal camera, others were scouting the edge of the forest for potential dangers. The scenery itself was resembilng to totally different planet, with some brave explorers seting their feet first time on it’s soil, or trying to break aliens nests and scouting for a danger with their hi-tech equipment.

In reality, the firefighters have proved their excellence again and commitement in the work they do. Respect them!

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4611 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4620 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4658 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4623 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4638 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4762 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4769 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4687 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4733 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4775 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4680 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4789 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4591 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4713 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4704 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4828 copy

20131019_photo_matic_zorman_4682 copy


  1. S

    Looks like the UFO crashed and they’re searching for surviors

  2. Lipe

    Great pictures!
    Was one of the explorers on the pictures…

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