A stardust wedding

He was a loose shotgun, an untamed beast fearlessly chasing the horizon.
She was a sharp and wise, yet tender tigress with heart full of compassion.
In the countless nights, he knew how to break all the rusty, cold chains thrown on him by boring people living in the ashes of reasonable mind.
She was not accepting anything less then perfect, sleazy and cheeky fuckers just spontaneously combusted into the flames of desperation.
He was a big hearted care taker, yet he understood the primal need – to ride the winds of adventure.
She was out there, running loose in the wilderness waiting for someone alike to hunt the precious joys of life with her.
He did not hunt the bits of life, he created them for himself and shared them with her.
She envied the birds flying around, until she met him.

They are not given to fly, but to live. A life of understanding, a life of adoration, a life of innocent craziness, a life of acceptance, a life of cherishing, a life of sharing anything that comes to their path, a life of soulmates.

I wish you eternal sparkles of life in that shape,until we meet again in a form of a stardust.
Then, the drinks are on me.

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4069 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4104 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4151 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4319 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4345 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4449 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4610 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4621 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4695 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4666 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4679 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4858 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_5106 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_5260 copy

20140126_photo_matic_zorman_5160 copy

20140126_photo_matic_zorman_5123 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_5287 copy

20140125_photo_matic_zorman_4066 copy


  1. Rok Dolnicar Photography

    Lepota Matic … pozdrav, Rok

  2. Bore

    … všeč ! čista klasika !
    … lep dan ti želim – Bore

  3. Anonimnež

    Vekam…res lepo. Hvala Matic

  4. Anonimnež

    Tečaj angleščine ne bi škodil…malo manj kvihtov, več knjig pa počasi bo…

  5. Dih jemajoče in oko roseče. Respect Zorman, se čuti, da je napisano iz srca.

  6. josh rocchio

    Cudno da tale tezak ki kritizira Zormanovo anglescino se ne upa pisat po anglesko. Od native speakerja mislim je to krasno napisano, se lepse ker vemo da je res iz srca. Zakon fotke pa se lepe besede. Cel paket!

  7. Arabia

    ja fajn, samo človk bi si misleu da sei zdei že v Sirija alpa Livanu. :p adieu !

  8. S

    Čudovita zgodba, profesot angleščine naj smiri doživljaj

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