Emotions overwhelm Slovenian fans at the airport as the Olympians return home

Not many of sports fans in Slovenia could keep calm, as the story of winter Olympic games in Sochi resembled more of a sports fairytale for our team, by each following day of the competitions. Definitely all of the athletes competing, earned their chance to write history by hard, disciplined life. Many of those, bearing a Slovenian national flag, also wear it on uniforms as they are enrolled in a sports division of armed forces or police. The biggest surprise and achievement was passing qualifications to quarter finals of ice hockey tournament, earned by well performed game against Slovakia and later Austria.
With 148 registered professional hockey players, it’s a big thing for a small country, even bigger as Slovenian hockey sphere is going down-spiral due to too many destructive minded people on positions. The sporting future of kids eager to playing hockey should be taken care of. But fortunately Mr. Matjaž Kopitar, father of NHL star Anže Kopitar, coach and tamer of the Lynxes as Slovenian hockey team is nicknamed, has managed to reach for something better with the hard working team, which presented the best quality games evolving to the point the team has managed to play in quarterfinals against Sweden.

With Slovenian sportsmen, carrying seven medals (two gold,one silver and four of them bronze), the public has gone crazy cheering for their heroes. The school classes have stopped for a moments when nation competitors were about to be broadcasted on TV,  Slovenia turned into a massive arena of 2 million fans.
In a crisis of values we’re submerged in, this winter games and results of it really united people of Slovenia back again.

At competitors return, I was more about the capturing the emotions of the sportsmen and the fans then news photos. Anyhow, the history was made.

20140220_photo_matic_zorman_6693 copy

20140220_photo_matic_zorman_6674 copy

20140220_photo_matic_zorman_6709 copy

20140220_photo_matic_zorman_6773 copy


20140220_photo_matic_zorman_6835 copy

20140220_photo_matic_zorman_6813 copy

20140220_photo_matic_zorman_6893 copy

20140220_photo_matic_zorman_6911 copy

20140220_photo_matic_zorman_6962 copy

20140220_photo_matic_zorman_7012 copy

20140220_photo_matic_zorman_6991 copy


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  1. Tina

    “It never gets wierd enough for me”
    tole popravi:piše se weird, ne wierd!

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